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Sprinkles in Springs: It's a Frozen Yogurt Showdown!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's a Frozen Yogurt Showdown!

There are two new frozen yogurt shops near my house: Allegria and Yogurtland. Allegria has been a favorite of mine ever since it opened about a year ago because they serve not only yummy frozen yogurt, but cupcakes as well! I'd been hearing about the newer Yogurtland being the place to go, so I had to check it out and compare it with Allegria, the competitor in my opinion. So, if you're in the south Florida area (Allegria is in Coconut Creek and Yogurtland is in Coral Springs; check their websites for other locations), read on for my review. Otherwise, just look at the pictures!

Allegria: In the Promenade at Coconut Creek, a new plaza with a ton of great shopping and restaurants.
Yogurtland: In the Walk, in between Starbucks and Jamba Juice, which get a ton of traffic daily.
Winner: Yogurtland. The Walk is already an established hot spot in the area.
Frozen Yogurt Flavor Selections
Allegria: Original, Chocolate, and Green Tea are readily available, as well as the flavor (or two) of the day. The usual selection of toppings are available (candy, granola and fruit). You pay by the cup + each topping.
Yogurtland: There are about 12 different flavors available at a time, that change regularly. Since it is a self-serve situation, you don't have to pick just one. Toppings are self serve as well; a wider variety of fruits, candy, and syrups. You pay by the ounce.
Winner: Yogurtland. Hands down has the most selection, but be careful not to pile on too much- the smallest size cup is 16oz!


Cupcake Flavors
Allegria: They have an awesome red velvet cupcake, and I love the vanilla one. Other great flavors are milk chocolate, vegan carrot, key lime, caribbean coconut, strawberry shortcake, mocha esspresso, cookies n cream. (Side note- the graphic designer in me can't help but tell you how cute the boxes are!)
Yogurtland: No cupcakes :(
Winner: Allegria.

Decor / Ambiance
Allegria: Very cute themed with their logos, colors and artwork on the walls. High tables and chairs (love!) and some velvet-y couches and chairs (think Starbucks, but cupcakes). Nice presentation of cupcakes, toppings, etc. They also have cupcake bouquets and samples to try. More of a sophisticated feel.
Yogurtland: Family-oriented, sterile white walls and interior except for the frozen yogurt wall that had some nice tile mosaics. The assembly line of yogurt, toppings, cashier wasn't very inviting to make you want to stay- I felt like I was in a Disney World 'restaraunt'. The seating consisted of ugly white plastic table and chairs (that have sticky stuff all over it from the kids). If you go there, just get the goods and leave.. unless you can't take one more step without ingesting some frozen goodness.
Winner: Allegria.


Frozen Yogurt Showdown Champion: it's a tie! 
*If you're looking for more flavors and toppings to pile in your cup (but less ambiance), go to Yogurtland. 
*If you're a chocolate and vanilla person who wants a couple toppings, a nice place to sit, and possibly a cupcake to go... choose Allegria (still my favorite choice!)



At October 13, 2010 at 1:07 PM , Blogger fashion_freak said...

okay all those would make me gain like 20000 pounds. still i want them baaaaad. xo
fashion_freak, editor of

At April 8, 2011 at 4:11 PM , Blogger JessRS said...

LOL, I see me in that picture. Too funny :)


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