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Sprinkles in Springs: Movie Pick: Sabrina

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Movie Pick: Sabrina

The only real Sabrina movie (sorry, Harrison Ford) is a classic as far as I'm concerned. It was the first movie that Audrey Hepburn wore Givenchy clothes in (as you may know, Hubert de Givenchy thought he would be designing for Katharine Hepburn because he had never heard of Audrey before). Hepburn got to choose her wardrobe for Sabrina, and Givenchy became her go-to designer for the rest of her career.

Many people said that Humphrey Bogart, who replaced Cary Grant at the last minute, was a poor choice for playing Linus, but I think he was perfect. And after reading the movie's trivia on, I was shocked to see that he hated Audrey and thought she couldn't act, saying about her "it's OK, if you don't mind to make 20 takes"... oohh...burn!

Other off-screen antics included Audrey and William Holden (David) falling in and out of love in real life.



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