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Friday, October 1, 2010

Real Simple Cupcakes

Real Simple Magazine is featuring a number of delicious looking cupcakes on their website. They have some cute ideas for toppings to decorate your cupcakes with. I've been wanting to make a cotton candy cupcake, but they beat me to the punch! I also love the s'mores one. Tthe PB&J looks interesting, but I'm skeptical about the taste. Has anyone tried one? And the gummy bow Tiffany-inspired one is a good idea for an engagement party or something of the like. I've seen parties where Tiffany blue was the theme, but I don't think I've seen any cupcakes like this (a whole cake maybe, but not cupcakes).
(1) PB&J (2) S'Mores (3) Sunflower (4) Cotton Candy 
(5) Malt Balls & Brownie Bits (6) Gummy Bow

As you can see by now, I'm slightly obsessed with cupcakes... :)

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