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Monday, June 21, 2010


I just got caught up in seeing the last bunch of Glee episodes, and one of the most memorable was the Lady Gaga episode (if you can call it that). What's memorable isn't the songs but the costumes. Granted, there weren't as many outfit changes throughout the week as I'd have liked, but what costumes they had were great. I especially loved Kurt's own recreation of the 10-inch Alexander McQueen monster heels from the Bad Romance video.

I remembered seeing Gaga wear most of these outfits, but wasn't sure about a few of them. So, instead of being lazy, I decided to google the other costumes that eluded my memory.  Just as I was concluding my search, my sister walked in and was also curious, so instead of going through it again I said I'd post it. So this one is for you! Here are some of the crazy costumes:


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